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My first week of a low carb diet.

April 30th, 2012 1 comment

The first week of this round of Low Carb is done (this round anyway, I’m no stranger to the low carb lifestyle).  It went really well, my body got into ketosis really quickly this time.  I thought that gave me a pass on “keto flu” during ketogenic induction, but it didn’t.  Even though my body jumped into burning fat instead of carbohydrates right away, I still had some headaches throughout the week.  All that is done now, all I’m left with is constant energy levels and a great menu plan (for a diet at least ;) ).

One huge win this week for me was finding low carb “cupcakes”.  They’re not actually cupcakes in the traditional sense, but bacon/egg/cheese cupcakes.  I saw them in a post in /r/keto and decided to give them a shot.  I can’t find the exact post now or I would link to it.  I’m going to make them again with my Digital SLR in hand next time to make a blog post about them.  They are great.  I had two for dinner last night, and two for breakfast this morning.  Each cupcake contains one piece of bacon, one egg, and some cheddar cheese – salt and pepper to taste.  I love these things!  I plan to make them by the dozen and refrigerate them so I can have easy zero carb breakfasts in seconds.  Just 45 seconds in the microwave and I’m transported to a baconny eggy cheesy heaven! :D

Oh, I lost about 5.5 pounds this week, while eating bacon, eggs, steak, ice cream, etc.  It’s been fun!


Do I need to eat fat while I’m in ketosis / on a ketogenic diet?

April 28th, 2012 1 comment


Obviously, eating very few carbs is how you get into ketosis.  Beyond that though, there there seems to be some confusion on this issue of dietary fat.  On the Dr. Berstein diet plan, you force your body into a stat of ketosis, making it metabolize stored fat for energy.  While on the plan, you eat a low calorie, VERY low fat diet.  This effectively (it would seem) makes your body consume only stored fat to power itself.  This explains how you can lose three to five pounds per week without lifting a finger! :D

Other schools of though (like /r/keto) suggest that to stay in a stat of ketosis, you need to ingest a  lot of fat.  In the /r/keto FAQ, we read “One of the importance of keeping a proper ratio is ensuring that your protein levels do not exceed that of fat in calories”.

Now, I’m a huge fan and active member of /r/keto.  I just don’t understand how the Dr. Bernstein diet can preach one way (no eating fat), and work.  And /r/keto can preach an opposite idea (eat lots of fat) and also work. I’m hoping that the ketogenic geniuses at /r/keto can explain it to me :)

I’ll update this post with a good answer when/if I get one :)

Edit:  Well that was fast!  Thanks to Rhesonance over at /r/keto!  I misunderstood the advice I read in the FAQ, my bad! :)   Eating 35% protein is suggested to keep your body from digesting muscle mass to get the protein it needs.  60% of your daily calories from fat is there to keep you feeling satisfied and not deprived while you lose weight.  This makes great sense to me.  I feel like I’m eating enough so I’m not tempted to cheat on the diet.  When I was counting calories I was eating a 1200 calorie per day diet.  This left me feeling pretty deprived.  As a result, I allowed myself a cheat day once a week to release some pressure.  This was OK, but often that cheat day would start the night before, and end up bleeding into the next day.  Saturday was my cheat day, and sometimes I would lose control and start on Friday night and roll right on through Sunday.  This left me playing catch-up every week.  On the ketogenic diet set out by /r/keto, I’m not feeling deprived, so I don’t mind not “cheating”.  For example, today is Saturday and would have been my cheat day.  I’m not missing it at all though, I had a large breakfast that filled me up and was well inside my meal plan at MFP.

Thanks again to Rhesonance!

TL;DR You don’t need to eat fat on a ketogenic diet, but if you do it’ll keep you feeling full and still allow you to lose weight without feeling deprived or starved.


Low Carb Bacon/Cheese/Egg Sandwiches – with REAL BREAD! (2.6 grams of carbs per sandwich)

April 25th, 2012 No comments

If you’re like me, then you could just about live on egg sandwiches.  ESPECIALLY if they have loads of bacon and cheese on them!  The problem with a low carb diet is bread.  Now, you’re never going to find a low carb bread (and I mean NEVER) that has the taste and consistency of a crusty italian loaf, or wonder bread (if that’s what you’re in to).  However, there are pretty good low carb breads out there, and for me, they make a low carb lifestyle livable.

Enter, the low carb egg sandwich with bacon and all the cheese you can handle.  I should mention upfront that I made 3 of these.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO EAT ALL THREE.  (Well, ok, you can, but you’ll be pretty full.)  This bread is VERY filling.  It’s not the kind of bread you’ll want to eat on its own, but it makes for a great sandwich and contains LOADS of fiber.

Here’s a pic of the bread wrapper.  You can buy this bread here.

Ten grams of carbs, but 9 grams of fiber, so 1 net carb per slice :)

First step, fry up your bacon, and then fry your eggs in the bacon grease.

When your eggs are nearly cooked (just a bit of “snot” on top), add as much cheese as you want on top and cover again to quickly melt the cheese.  Keep an eye on this.  Fried cheese is nice but soft melted cheese that’s still on top of your egg is better ;)

Once the cheese is melted, drop them on your well buttered toast.

Next, put as much bacon on there are you think your heart can handle.  Then put on more!

Finally, cover with your other piece of toast and serve.  Again, one of these should fill the average adult bear, you don’t need to eat all three!

So that’s it.  An egg and bacon and cheese sandwich in 2.6 grams of carbs (1 carb per slice x 2 + 0.6 carbs for the egg).


How long does it take to enter ketosis?

April 25th, 2012 No comments

ketostixHow long does ketosis take to start?  That’s a good question and I suspect the answer is different for every person.  I’m not a trained doctor or dietician or nutritionist, but I can share my personal low carb experience.

My first experience with a low carbohydrate diet was when I tried the Atkins diet many years ago.  At that time I didn’t really know anything other than “some doctor claims I can eat bacon and lose weight… cool!”.  I didn’t track much that time, though I did shed some pounds.

My next crack at low carb dieting came later, when I went through the Dr. Bernstein diet program.  That included a LOT of tracking.  The first time I got started on ketosis with Dr. Bernstein it took me about 5 days.  Five very hard days.  The process of ketosis induction is a painful one, and seems to affect everybody differently.  I experience a sense of sluggishness, headaches, moodiness, and a case of the major grumpies.  Some of this (the grumpies) is likely attributable to the fact that I’m going without sugar, bread, pasta, rice etc.  All of the normal “fillers” are gone from your diet, and that takes some getting used to.

Over the years, I’ve been in and out of ketosis many times.  Anybody who’s lived a ketosis lifestyle for any length of time knows that you pop in and out frequently.  If you overindulge at a family gathering, you risk falling out of ketosis and you need to get back in all over again.  My personal theory is that your body gets used to the idea of induction.  As I said above, the first time I tracked it, it took about 5 days.  This time took much less time.  I carbed out on Sunday night and started a hard core induction diet (high fat, very low carbs, multivitamins, 100mg B6 and B12 tablets) on Monday morning.  By Tuesday at bed time I was burning and ketones were present in my urine (I know because I peed on a keto stick :p ).  So, all in all it took me about 36 hours go get into ketosis this time.

The VERY good news is that ketosis feels great!  I can tell (without ketostix) that I’m in ketosis because I get a sudden rush of energy and a real desire to be productive.  I also feel slightly flushed in my cheeks, I’m not sure if everybody gets that or if it’s just me, but it happens every time I’m in ketosis and burning well.  The energy and mental acuity with the accompanying urge to be productive are a huge pay off.  These things last for as long as I’m in ketosis as well, it’s not a fleeting thing.  My personal theory is that once you’re in ketosis, you’ve hacked your body into burning your fat stores for energy.  This means (if you’re tubby like I’m again) that you have PLENTY of ready fuel for your body to burn.  If your body needs energy, it doesn’t need to wait for you to eat some carbs to break them down and use them, it just pulls more fat from your gut, butt, or thighs, and fuels your body and mind.

I’ve heard people say that ketosis makes you sluggish, sleepy, hungry, and slows your mental ability.  This is absolutely not the case in my opinion.  I ALWAYS feel more energetic and sharper of mind when I’m on a low carb diet.  I’ll bet you will to :)

TL;DR I think that your body gets used to induction and enters ketosis faster over time.  Ketosis feels great!

Meaty Cheesy Pasta – Satisfy yourself with less than 10 grams of carbs!

April 24th, 2012 No comments

9 or 10 grams of carbs for dinner isn’t an every day option.  Some days though, if you have some carbs banked at the end of the day, you might as well treat yourself  :)

You could EASILY make this dish with way less carbs.  I added a green pepper and a tomato because I had the room.  The tomato came to about 4 carbs I think, and the green pepper added another 3.  The pasta was only 2 grams of carbs (you can find it here).  I just ate this.  I have a large appetite and I’m stuffed atm :)

So, here’s the ingredients

  • 1/2 pound of ground beef (add more if you’re hungry!)
  • 1 green pepper – diced large (leave this out if you don’t have the carbs available)
  • 1 tomato – diced (again, leave this out if you want)
  • enough olive oil to coat the bottom of your pan
  • 1 entire package of Tofu Shirataki Spaghetti
  • a hand full of shredded zero carb cheddar or mozzarella cheese
  • as much chili garlic sauce as you can handle (THE SPICE OF THE GODS)
  • salt and pepper to taste

That’s it.  It’s incredibly easy to make.  Drain, rinse, and nuke the pasta for 1 minute, then plate it.  Coat the bottom of your pan with olive oil and start frying your tomato and green pepper.  While that’s going add in the chili garlic sauce, salt, and pepper.  After a few minutes, add the ground beef, breaking it up finely.  Cover and let simmer for about 15 minutes, until the beef is cooked and the green peppers are softening.  Pour the contents of the frying pan over your plated pasta.  Toss a handful of cheese over top.  Enjoy!

If you added too much chili garlic sauce (too much is a figurative turn because one can never really have too much of it) then add a dollop of sour cream to ease your sissy taste buds.

If you use small to normal sized peppers and tomatoes then this entire meal should be about 9 grams of carbs.

Zero Carb Drinks with SodaStream

April 24th, 2012 No comments

SodastreamI don’t know what everybody else does for zero carb drinks, but I like to make my own soda.  I have a SodaStream machine.  It ends up costing a LOT less than store bought soda, and you can control how it tastes.  I like my drinks a little less flavored, so I mix them with less syrup.  This also means that my cost per liter goes down ;)

Anyway, this isn’t a huge tip, but it might be new to some people :)

Bacon and Eggs – 4.5 grams of carbs (incuding ketchup)

April 24th, 2012 No comments

So, yesterday went well, I had a headache but I can’t really say that one day without carbs did that.  I did some shopping so I have some low carb food to eat today.  I felt like an idiot walking around the grocery store reading the back of everything I picked up – such is live on a diet though.  No matter what diet you’re doing, it’ll almost certainly involve a lot of nutritional information reading! :D

So I started today off with some bacon and eggs.  1/3 of a pound of bacon and 4 eggs to be exact.  The bacon has no carbs in it.  When shopping, make sure to read the nutritional information on your bacon!!!  Many kinds of bacon are either maple flavored or sugar cured – these will have carbs.  There are about 0.6 grams of carbs in an egg, so 4 x 0.6 gives me about 2.5 grams of carbs there.  I’m also using sugar reduced ketchup with 1 gram of carbs per tbsp.  I guesstimate that I have about 2 tbsp here, so I’ll count that as 2 grams of carbs.  Bringing this amazing breakfast up to 4.5 grams of carbs.  Tabasco Sauce has zero carbs, so load up on that when you can!! :D

Reduced sugar ketchup is amazing.  In my opinion it tastes better than regular ketchup, and with less sugar it’s a viable option for a low carb diet.  I can’t find it at any local grocery stores, so I buy it from  They have some pretty amazing options for low carb diets and for those counting calories as well.

Here are some pics of my amazing low carb breakfast :)